Rules Of Other Worlds

Questions arise in the face of confusion, there is no way to describe the reality that surrounds you each living day, its own form changes according to your understanding, illusion is a big part of a mortal life, it’s so limited and in need of gaining knowledge. We often let our minds flow through the

Feeling Alone

One of the worst ways of punishment for anyone’s mind is loneliness, enjoyment can be met from a moment in silence, but a true extended moment of loneliness is hard on the mind. Humans are social beings which have their own preferences as individuals, one can only feel alive with people around them, but for

Happy Announcement

As you may have noticed there has been a lack of content lately and that has been because of some changes that I have been making, it took me quite a while to get ready and honestly there are still quite a lot of things I need to work on. But if you are an

Enhancing Yourself

Feeling lighter with more weight, bringing down the sense of doubt and moving through mud like walking on solid ground; sense the fly in the next room about to get in the air. There are various ways to use Energy, with each type you could be touching a completely different area of it, not knowing